A pair of surface-mount MMIC mixers from Hittite Microwave covers the range from 6 to 34 GHz. Model HMC144LH5 is a double-balanced mixer with an RF range from 6 to 20 GHz and intermediate-frequency (IF) bandwidth of DC to 3 GHz. It achieves as much as 35 dB LO-to-RF isolatioin with an input third-order intercept point of +24 dBm. Model HMC338LC3B is a subharmonic mixer that operates from 24 to 34 GHz with an integrated LO amplifier. It has an IF range of DC to 3 GHz with 2LO-to-RF isolation of 40 dB. With the integral amplifier, it requires only -5-dBm LO drive and consumes only 30 mA current from a +3-VDC supply. For more information on the broadband MMIC mixers, visit the Hittite Microwave website at http://www.hittite.com.