Operating from DC to 18 GHz, the model 375BNM coaxial fixed termination is a rugged, low-cost device that's well suited for a wide array of general-purpose applications. It handles 10 W average and 5 kW peak RF power, has a maximum VSWR of 1.05:1, measures 1.67 in. long including Type-N connector, has a 0.72-in. diameter, and weighs 3 oz. (85 g). Other members of Narda's Type N coaxial fixed termination family include models that cover 2 to 18 GHz and handle 40 W average and 5 kW peak power, a model that covers DC to 12.4 GHz and handles 40 W average and 7.5 kW peak power, and models that cover DC to 18 GHz and handle average power levels of 1 to 20 W average and 1 to 5 kW peak power. All models are available for immediate delivery.