EL SEGUNDO, CA—Continued integration of RF components is essential if mobile phones are to evolve to support next-generation features like data-oriented technologies and multiple frequency bands, according to a report by Jagdish Rebello, Ph.D. of iSuppli Corp.

RF components—including RF transceivers, power amplifiers (PAs), antenna switch modules (ASMs), front-end modules (FEMs), duplexers, RF SAW filters, and synthesizer components—are critical elements in the signal transmit and receive paths of mobile handsets. In 2006, the total market for mobile-handset RF components amounted to $7.1 billion, iSuppli estimates.

The market will expand at a compound annual-growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9 percent through 2010 when it will exceed $8.8 billion, as presented in the figure. iSuppli believes that the RF components industry and the mobile handset manufacturers should continue to evaluate new technologies to drive down costs while simultaneously improving performance.

For further information, see Dr. Rebello's report, Increasing Integration of RF Components in Mobile Handsets, at www.isuppli.com/catalog/detail.asp?id=7914.