Northrop Grumman has received a full-rate production contract from the US Naval Sea Systems Command for its AN/SPQ-9B shipboard radar systems. Under the fixed-price $26.2-million contract, Northrop Grumman's Naval and Marine Systems Division facility (Melville, NY) will supply four ship sets. The contract includes options that could bring the total value to $281.5 million. Options encompass a wide range of US aircraft carriers, cruisers, and amphibious assault ships, as well as the US Coast Guard National Security Cutter. The AN/SPQ- 9B shipboard radar systems are designed to enhance detection and tracking of high-speed threats such as sea-skimming anti-ship missiles. The X-band radar system, which can detect small, fast-moving targets in the presence of jamming signals and clutter, such as ocean waves, will be integrated with each ship's fire-control systems. Jeffrey L. Holloway, Director of Business Development and Marketing for Northrop Grumman's Maritime Systems business unit, offers that "The AN/SPQ-9B radars will make an important contribution to the fleet's ability to operate in littoral waters where land and sea clutter often limit the tracking and detection capabilities of search radars."