Quick-turn RG cable assemblies are now available from Electronic Assembly Manufacturing, Inc. (EAM) in 50- and 75-Ohm versions. The assemblies can be supplied with a wide range of coaxial connector types including 7/16, BNC, Type N, MCX, MHV, SHV, TNC, UHF, MMCX, and MIL-qualified connectors for harsh environments. The RG cable assemblies are available in a variety of constructions using a wide range of dielectric materials, jacket materials, and shield materials depending on performance requirements. Cable sizes include outside diameters of 0.098, 0.195, and 0.390 in., and assemblies can be manufactured to meet a host of mechanical and electrical requirements. Shielding effectiveness is between 40 and 60 dB, with low attenuation through 10 GHz for most cable assemblies.