Design engineers working at RF/microwave frequencies typically use a vector network analyzer (VNA) for measurements and a computer-aided-engineering (CAE) software package for analysis and design optimization. With the new VectorStar MS4640A VNA from Anritsu, they can get both in one box. The VNA contains a special version of AWR' Microwave Office design software, AWR Connected for Anritsu, within its firmware.

The VNA, featured on the January 2009 cover of Microwaves & RF, provides coverage from 70 kHz to 70 GHz with 100-dB dynamic range at 70 GHz. With the embedded CAE software, a single environment can be used for making measurements as well as design analysis and modifications. The CAE software also integrates easily with a host of third-party software design tools. The VNA allows measured data to be easily pulled into a simulated design to speed the design process. Sherry Hess, AWR's Vice-President of Marketing, explains that "Integration of Microwave Office software as a standard feature in the VectorStar MS4640A complements this unique instrument's performance and brings an innovative paradigm to the world of microwave simulation and measurement." Anritsu Product Manager Harry Momjian adds: "The collaboration between Anritsu and AWR brings together a groundbreaking test instrument with one of the most widely used simulation tools in the industry."