A pair of waveguide rotary joints has been introduced for applications from 8.0 to 12.4 GHz. The rugged WR-90 size waveguide rotary joints are available in F-type and U-type configurations. In the F-type rotary joint, one inline arm is fixed to the housing and the other is free to rotate. In the U-type rotary joint, both waveguide ports are at a right angle to the rotational axis. The maximum insertion loss across the band and insertion loss due to rotation (WOW) is 0.3 dB. The maximum VSWR from 8.0 to 8.5 GHz is 1.35:1, with maximum VSWR of only 1.20:1 across the remainder of the frequency range, from 8.5 to 12.4 GHz. The maximum VSWR due to rotational effects is only 1.05:1. The rotary joints are constructed with high-grade aluminum featuring a light-weight, corrosion-resistant iridite finish.

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