Hittite Microwave Corp. has released the 13th edition of their Designer's Guide catalog and information resource. The 2008 issue features 152 new data sheets for microwave and millimeter-wave analog and digital components as well as application, packaging, and layout details and an update on quality and reliability issues. The three-volume designer's resource includes amplifiers, power detectors, and variable-gain amplifiers in Volume 1; conrol devices, data converters, and high-speed digital logic in Volume 2; and freqency-generation components, mixers, and modulators in Volume 3. Full specifications are included for 633 products representing 16 different product lines, including amplifiers, attenuators, data converters, frequency dividers/detectors, frequency multipliers, mixers, phase shifters, power detectors, sensors, swtches, frequency synthesizers, variable-gain amplifiers (VGAs), and voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs). To request a copy of the three-volume set, visit the Hittite Microwave website at www.hittite.com and select the "Submit Inquiry button.