At the recent 2014 GSMA Mobile World Conference, RF Micro Devices (RFMD) introduced an RF front-end (RFFE) solution intended to support the world’s wide range of cellular communications networks, from Second- through Fourth-Generation (2G, 4G) cellular systems. This “RF Fusion” technology integrates all major transmit and receive functions, including antennas. It is meant to enable coverage across networks by means of a compact device. The first circuit developed with this technology is the model RF7503.

According to Eric Creviston, president of RFMD’s cellular products group, “With RF Fusion, smartphone manufacturers now have the flexibility to design a single, scalable platform across all major global modes and bands without sacrificing performance, space, or time.” RF Fusion leverages the firm’s experience in devices, packaging, and system-level integration to provide high performance in a small package for global smartphones and tablets.