Model TA1003 is a small but hearty power amplifier developed by Triad RF Systems using gallium nitride (GaN) device technology. The Class AB power amplifier module can provide 4 W output power at 1-dB compression from 30 to 3000 MHz, and 8 W saturated output power over the same frequency range. It features 40-dB typical gain with typical gain flatness of ± 0.3 dB and typical noise figure of 4 dB. It can switch on and off under TTL control with a typical switching time of 1 ms. The amplifier module, which measures 3.75 x 2.0 x 0.52 in. and weighs just 4 oz., is supplied with SMA female input and output connectors. It can work with input power levels as high as +28 dBm and draws 1.8 A maximum current from a +28-VDC supply. The high-gain amplifier is designed for an operating (case) temperature range of -40 to +80°C.