A high-power coupler developed by VidaRF operates from 2 to 4 GHz with a coupling value of 30 dB (other coupling values are available). It can handle 500 W average power on its primary and secondary lines, with peak values as high as 8 kW. The insertion loss (excluding coupling losses) is a low 0.25 dB, while the VSWR is 1.30:1. The high-power coupler, which is supplied with Type N female connectors, features directivity of 18 dB. It is a high-power version of the firm’s popular model VDC-2040-30 30-dB coupler for 2 to 4 GHz, with coupling flatness of ±1.25 dB and 20-dB directivity. This lower-power model, with 0.2-dB insertion loss (excluding coupling losses) and 1.15:1 maximum VSWR on primary and secondary lines, handles 50 W average and reflected power and 3 kW on peaks. It boasts frequency sensitivity of ±0.75 dB.

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