Capable of handing high power levels in a small housing, model IPP-8042 is a dual directional coupler from Innovative Power Products with a frequency range of 225 to 2500 MHz. It is rated for 35-dB coupling and maximum input power of 100 W with less than 0.3-dB insertion loss. The directivity is better than 18 dB and the mainline VSWR is less than 1.25:1. The directional coupler, which provides separate coupled ports for both forward and reflected signals with internal terminations, achieves coupling flatness of ±1 dB across its broad frequency range. It is supplied in a miniature surface-mount package measuring only 1.00 x 1.00 in. The firm also offers 90-deg. couplers and 180-deg. baluns in miniature surface-mount packages, intended for frequency ranges meeting and exceeding that of the directional coupler.

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