Waveguides play a major role in the microwave and RF industries, carrying energy from radio transmitters to antennas and back again. There are a variety of waveguides and waveguide components including everything from horn antennas, to broadwall couplers, rigid and flexible waveguides, dual directional couplers, pressure adapters, and many more.

According to Microwaves 101, “Waveguide has a number of advantages over coax, microstrip and stripline. It is completely shielded (excellent isolation between adjacent signals can be obtained), it can transmit extremely high peak powers and it has very low loss (often almost negligible) at microwave frequencies.” Combinations of different waveguide components can be used to reach certain power levels, as the higher the frequency needed the smaller the tube must be.

Watch the video above for a look at Microtech’s waveguide products—as well as a description of the evolution of these productspresented by Jim McGregor at IMS 2014. Be sure to check out other videos from IMS 2014 over at Engineering TV.