The ZigBee standard has been instrumental in the design of low-power wireless control for devices ranging from smart meters and thermostats to remote controls and televisions. The next phase of the standard is now within reach, as National Technical Systems, Inc. has successfully completed testing of all of the “Golden Units” for the enhanced ZigBee 2012 specification. ZigBee 2012 includes additional security and integration of the latest errata into the specification.

The Golden Units are ideal examples of this ZigBee specification. They serve as the devices by which all future ZigBee-compliant platforms will be compared for interoperability and conformance. NTS participated in the earliest stages of the interoperability testing efforts and ultimately performed all testing and verification for the new Golden Units. The lab, which was the only one chosen to perform specification R20 testing, completed testing on products from Atmel, Freescale, Silicon Labs, and Texas Instruments.