Courtesy of Mini-Circuits, model CBL-20FT-SMSM+ is a 20-ft.-long precision test cable with stainless-steel male SMA connectors on either end, in addition to built-in strain reliefs for long operating lifetime. Ideal for broadband and narrowband measurement system applications from DC to 18 GHz, it features shielding effectiveness (SE) of better than 100 dB. The rugged test cable, which is designed for operating temperatures from -55 to +105°C, exhibits low insertion loss of typically 6.7 dB through 6 GHz, 9.7 dB through 12 GHz, and 12.5 dB through 18 GHz. The RoHS-compliant cable can handle continuous power levels to 180 W at 6 GHz and to 88 W at 18 GHz. The cable is constructed with a solid PTFE dielectric and a blue FEP jacket for durability.