Two additions to a line of programmable benchtop attenuators provide as much as 127-dB attenuation in 1-dB steps. Model 50BA-011-95 offers 0 to 95 dB attenuation in 1-dB steps from 200 to 6000 MHz. Meanwhile, model 50BA-010-127 delivers 0 to 127 dB attenuation in 1-dB steps and operates from 700 to 3000 MHz. The attenuators can be controlled manually or programmed under Ethernet or RS-232C control. They are equipped with SMA female connectors and rated for operating temperatures from 0 to +50°C. The first of these compact benchtop units, model 50BA-011-95, achieves attenuation accuracy of ±1 dB through 11 dB attenuation and ±1.25 dB through 95 dB attenuation. It has typical VSWR of 2.0:1 with 8 dB typical and 8.5 dB maximum insertion loss. It is rated for +20 dBm average input power, and +25 dBm maximum input power without damage. It operates with 1-μs typical switching speed. The 700-to-3000-MHz model 50BA-010-127 attenuator controls 0 to 127 dB attenuation in 1-dB steps with 1.60:1 maximum VSWR, 3-dB typical insertion loss through 700 MHz, and 6.1-dB typical insertion loss through 3000 MHz. It is also rated for input levels to +20 dBm and maximum input levels to +25 dBm without damage, and switches with 5-μ typical speed. The benchtop attenuators operate from +12 VDC supplies with 0.1 A nominal current consumption.

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