Two-way radios for government and military use should be secure. But achieving any kind of security in environments where professionals intercept and analyze received signals with top-grade electronic test gear can be difficult. For that reason, the latest series of two-way radios from FreeWave employ the encryption techniques defined in Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2.

The FIPS standard actually defines four levels of security, from low (Level 1) to high (Level 4), and the new Spartan M13 two-way radios comply with Level 2 security. The radios operate at 1.3 GHz with available data rates from 115 to 153 kb/s across line-of-sight (LOS) distances to 60 miles. The frequency-hopping radios transmit at power levels from 20 mW to 1 W. For more, click here.