The R&S SGS100A microwave signal generator is now available in a version capable of producing signals with digital in-phase/quadrature (I/Q) modulation from 80 MHz to 12.75 GHz. When combined with an I/Q baseband generator, the test signal source supports testing on all radio standards through 12 GHz, including radar and satellite-communications (satcom) signals. The wide 1-GHz I/Q bandwidth makes it possible to generate pulses with high chirp bandwidths and steep pulse edges. The signal source provides typically +22 dBm output power across its frequency range with an electronic step attenuator for output level control. The switching speed is typically 280 μs. The signal generator can work with high reference frequencies from 100 MHz to 1 GHz. It features -76-dBc nonharmonic spurious performance with typical phase noise of -130 dBc/Hz offset 20 kHz from a 1-GHz carrier. It provides 0.001-Hz frequency resolution and can adjust output levels from -20 to +25 dBm as a standard feature—as well as from -120 to +15 dBm as an option—with 0.01-dB resolution.

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