RFMW Ltd. has announced that it is offering applications and sales support for the model TED8000-40 Universal Serial Bus (USB) power sensor from Telemakus (www.telemakus.com). Designed for power measurements from 50 to 8000 MHz, the USB sensor uses a laptop or personal computer (PC) as the control and display; this enables it to replace a full-sized power meter. It can also be used with the company’s low-cost USB signal sources to form a cost-effective, USB-controlled microwave scalar network analyzer. The power sensor achieves true root-mean-square (RMS) measurement accuracy over its frequency and power ranges, detecting power levels over a 50-dB dynamic range with 0.5-dB accuracy. No zeroing or cal standards are required for operation as factory calibration data is stored within the on-board flash memory. Installation files for the custom Graphical User Interface (GUI) are also resident in Flash.

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