With economies, industries, education, and technology constantly changing, engineering is quite an exciting profession. RF engineers lead some of today’s most cutting-edge technology developments, increasing our knowledge and connection with our world and each other. Microwaves & RF recently polled our community to find out what really makes RF engineers tick, how they are compensated, and what they think of the industry surrounding us.

This is the first year that Microwaves & RF has performed a Salary & Opinion Survey, giving us a chance to share in the realities of a community that is one of the biggest contributors and least-known of modern technology movers.

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2014 RF Salary Survey Data

Download the 2014 Salary Survey
Gain access to the complete 2014 Salary Survey data. This document includes all of the data and editorial written in the online article and also features the follownig bonus material:

  • Editorial feature: The Gender Divide
  • How today’s engineers stay up-to-date with technology
  • Strategies engineers use to get ahead in their careers and move up the ladder
  • Regional salary and market data—where are the jobs, and how do salaries differ?
  • 9 additional charts/tables that include valuable salary data
  • High Resolution graphics and a printer friendly format