Tyco Electronics M/A-COM has developed a Class C bipolar                               transistor capable of 1-kW peak output power at 1030 MHz. Designed                               for short-pulsed avionics applications, including IFF and TACAN                               systems, the 50-V power transistor provides minimum gain of 8 dB                               and more than 8.6 dB typical gain. The minimum collector efficiency                               is 45 percent and typically more than 50 percent. According to                               Andrew Tse, product line manager for Tyco Electronics M/A-COM                               Radar and Avionics, "The one-thousand-watt power rating on                               this new transistor can greatly enhance the range capabilities of                               new avionics systems. Additionally, the unique power capability of                               the product will contribute to more compact system designs, as one                               device can replace a pair of devices in the final amplifier circuit                               architecture."                                  The M/A-COM MAPRST1w030-1KS is supplied in a hermetic,                               ceramic/metal package for high reliability and can tolerate a 10:1                               load mismatch without damage or loss in performance. The bipolar                               sells for $393 in hundred quantities.                               Tyco Electronics M/A-COM (www.macom.com)