QUALCOMM Incorp., developer of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology, just announced new steps to reduce the cost of 3G CDMA devices with the development of its single-band RFR6122 and RFT6122 radioOne chips. The company claims that these chipsets represent the first CDMA2000 1X chipsets to use cost-competitive RF CMOS rocess technology. CMOS is a low-cost, high-volume digital process technology used for most of today's digital computer microchips. By migrating RF designs to an RF CMOS-based process technology, cell phones and other wireless hand-held devices can leverage these significant economies of scale. This RF CMOS solution marks QUALCOMM's second-generation of radioOne Zero Intermediate Frequency (ZIF) architecture products. Combined with the PM6610 power management device and the MSM6025 Mobile Station Modem (MSM) baseband chipset, this new solution provides a suite of products. The main goal of these devices is to address the growing need for reliable, proven and cost-competitive solutions for emerging markets worldwide, including China, India and Latin America. Samples of the chipsets are expected to ship in the second quarter of 2004.

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