Watch the Engineering TV video above for a look at the RF power tool. 

Combining cost efficiency with simplicity, Freescale’s latest RF power tool merges multiple RF test-bench devices into one compact system, saving an estimated cost of over $100,000. Microwaves & RF Editor-in-Chief Nancy Friedrich talked to Freescale about its new product at IMS 2014.

The tool detects power, voltage, temperature, and efficiency, as well as measures voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR). The complete RF test bench features a RF generator, four wattmeters with directional couplers, four bias supplies, voltmeters, ammeters, thermometers, and RF driver amplifiers. Other functionality includes integrated frequency generation, which is supported by a USB interface and PC or local control. Frequency ranges from 1 MHz to 3 GHz. 


The RF power tool connects to a computer to perform real-time evaluation with power transistors to characterize for the application (see the figure). It will shows the supply voltage, currents, forward power and reflected power, power of drives/pre-drivers, efficiencies, VSWR, and bias power transistors.  The modular and portable system promotes quick and easy setup, which ultimately reduces application development time and cost.

Watch the video above for an up-close look at the power tool’s key features and benefits. Also be sure to check out other videos from IMS 2014 over at Engineering TV.