For EuMC visitors in search of new test gear, Anritsu Co. will be on hand to show the latest members of its VectorStar family of vector network analyzers (VNAs), notably the MS4640B series (Fig. 4). The VNAs are available in frequency ranges from 70 kHz to 20, 40, 50, 70, and 125 GHz. If needed, systems can be configured for measurements to 750 GHz using additional millimeter-wave modules.

Europe Welcomes RF/Microwave Firms to EuMW, Fig. 4

Ideal for testing high-speed serial networks and radar systems, these analyzers include PulseView capability, which provides pulse profile, point-in-pulse, and pulse-to-pulse measurements of S-parameters. The PulseView functions enable 2.5-ns pulse measurement resolution across a 100-dB dynamic range. This measurement precision and accuracy makes it possible to study performance perturbations on the rising/trailing edges and within a pulse that might have been previously missed by other measurement approaches. The long 500-ms pulse capture time allows operators to make measurements across long pulse-repetition-interval conditions or make pulse-to-pulse measurements over an extended number of pulses.

Agilent Technologies will be on the EuMC exhibition floor to demonstrate some new capabilities for its FieldFox line of portable RF/microwave analyzers, including forming a control and visual interface with the Apple iPad (Fig. 5). The Agilent FieldFox portable instruments include VNAs and spectrum analyzers with frequency ranges that extend to 26.5 GHz, such as the model N9928A VNA (30 kHz to 26.5 GHz) and the model N9938A spectrum analyzer (100 kHz to 26.5 GHz). The FieldFox analyzers include a wide range of useful features and functions, such as a built-in power meter for accurate channel power measurements.

Europe Welcomes RF/Microwave Firms to EuMW, Fig. 5

In addition to showing examples of its modular instrument solutions on the exhibition floor, National Instruments will offer its workshop on VNAs at the 2013 EuMC. “The Fundamentals of Vector Network Analysis” will be held Wednesday, October 9th. This workshop will review the meaning of S-parameters, the various function blocks of VNAs, calibration techniques, and even proper care of test cables and connectors.

No microwave test setup is complete without high-performance test cables, and W.L. Gore & Associates will be on hand at the 2013 EuMC exhibition to show its line of GORE PHASEFLEX® flexible RF/microwave test cable assemblies (Fig. 6). These lightweight but durable test cable assemblies boast excellent phase and amplitude stability with flexure. They promise long service lifetime for reduced operating costs in the test laboratory, in the field, and other locations.

Europe Welcomes RF/Microwave Firms to EuMW, Fig. 6

The cable assemblies, which are available with solid and stranded cables, are rated for operating frequencies to 18 GHz with VSWRs as low as 1.05:1 at 3 GHz and as high as 1.28:1 at 18 GHz. Insertion loss is as low as 0.75 dB at 18 GHz, while typical phase stability is as low as ±2 deg. at 18 GHz. For all cable types, amplitude stability with flexure is ±0.05 dB. The shielding effectiveness (SE) for all cables is better than 100 dB through 18 GHz while the nominal velocity of propagation for all cables is 85%. The nominal time delay for all cables is 0.04 ns/cm.