The United States Army has approved the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical Increment 2 communications system for full-scale production through 2028. Designed and built by General Dynamics, the latest WIN-T system will provide soldiers on the ground with voice and data communications without having to set up command posts. 

As the second phase of a three-part communications project, the Increment 2 system will support highly-mobile wireless networks. The hardware will be installed onto mine-resistant vehicles so that networks can be established quickly on the battlefield. It provides a major upgrade to the WIN-T Increment 1 system, which had to be deployed on trailers and parked at different points around the battlefield.

Since it was introduced to the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan in 2013, four division headquarters and 12 brigade combat teams have been deployed with the WIN-T Increment 2 system. With the United States planning to remove ground forces from Afghanistan over the next few years, the WIN-T Increment 2 system could be deployed to help those forces stay connected after leaving their headquarters.

The next phase of the project, WIN-T Increment 3, is focusing on wireless research and development. Engineers working on the program will continue to improve the system so that wireless networks can function over a wider area and in more isolated regions.