LitePoint Corp. has announced test support for ZigBee IEEE                               802.15.4-based wireless products: the LitePoint ZigBee Software                               Package for use with existing LitePoint IQview and IQflexTest                               Solutions. The package simplifies the development of production                               test programs for the manufacturing floor. The IQview/IQflex has an                               integrated vector signal analyzer (VSA) and vector signal generator                               (VSG) for faster test times. When installed, the ZigBee software                               package is automatically recognized by the IQview/IQflex test                               analysis software and the software integrates seamlessly into the                               test environment adding ZigBee test capability for both R+ACY-D and                               manufacturing applications. The LitePoint ZigBee Software costs                               $2,200.                               LitePoint Corp. (