National Instruments has released MATRIXx 8.0 for model-based                               design, simulation and embedded code generation. The latest vision                               of the program features an updated user interface and introduces a                               project-based development environment to help engineers,                               designers and researchers in industries such as aerospace and                               automotive better manage large projects. The package is also                               backward compatible with MATRIXx 7.1 to simplify import of earlier                               models and projects.                               The new project-based development environment in MATRIXx 8.0                               provides users with several organizational tools to handle large                               projects easily. Users now have a data dictionary to better manage                               information associated with a project as well as a search utility                               that assists with the navigation through models. The project-based                               environment also features help resources and a new model                               comparison utility to provide hierarchical differencing between                               SuperBlocks, giving users an easy way to identify changes between                               different versions of the same model.                               MATRIXx 8.0 also delivers significant improvements to the user                               interface with a general modernization of the development                               environment. The updated development environment aligns with                               standard Windows conventions and features such as right-click and                               integrated help menus as well as drag-and-drop and double-click                               options. By using features similar to Windows, MATRIXx 8.0 provides                               a familiar interface that new users can take advantage of to create                               applications quickly and easily. The MATRIXx software, which was                               acquired by National Instruments in 2003, has been used in the                               design of dynamic control systems for aerospace and automotive                               applications for more than 20 years.                               National Instruments (