Lou Frenzel

Communications Technology Editor

Lou Frenzel is the Communications Technology Editor for Electronic Design Magazine where he writes articles, columns, blogs, technology reports, and online material on the wireless, communications and networking sectors. Lou has been with the magazine since 2005 and is also editor for Mobile Dev & Design online magazine.

Formerly, Lou was professor and department head at Austin Community College where he taught electronics for 5 years and occasionally teaches an Adjunct Professor. Lou has 25+ years experience in the electronics industry. He held VP positions at Heathkit and McGraw Hill. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston and a master’s degree from the University of Maryland. He is author of 20 books on computer and electronic subjects.

Lou Frenzel was born in Galveston, Texas and currently lives with his wife Joan in Austin, Texas. He is a long-time amateur radio operator (W5LEF).

Posts by Lou Frenzel

in Line of Sight Jul 06, 2016

Get a Knowledge Refresh with New Books on Backhaul, IoT/M2M, and LTE-A/5G

As old fashioned as they may seem, books are still one of the more in-depth ways to educate yourselves on engineering topics....More
in Line of Sight Jan 26, 2016

New Wi-Fi Version HaLow Targets IoT and M2M

Most of the short range wireless technologies are addressing the growing Internet of Things (IoT) opportunity. Now there is a new one to add to the....More
in Line of Sight Dec 15, 2015

Is Terahertz Li-Fi in Your Future?

What happens when we run out of mm-wave spectrum? One possible solution is available today: light waves....More
in Line of Sight Oct 16, 2015

3 Useful Wireless Technologies You Should Know About

Most readers are intimately familiar with the popular short-range wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and 802.15.4, but there are....More
in Line of Sight Sep 30, 2015

Will LTE-U/LAA Clobber Wi-Fi?

Have you heard of this latest development in cellular technology? LTE-U is Long-Term Evolution in the Unlicensed spectrum. LAA is Licensed-Assisted....More
in Line of Sight Sep 17, 2015

Wireless Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Microwaves?

If you are an experienced RF/microwave engineer, this quiz on wireless basics might be trivial to you. Find out now....More
in Line of Sight Aug 13, 2015

IoT and 5G Highlighted at NIWeek 2015

Every year since the late 1990s, National Instruments has been presenting its unique NIWeek conference....More
in Line of Sight Aug 03, 2015

EMI: Electronic Misery in Design

We live in a massive fog of radio signals and other electromagnetic fields produced by electrical and electronic gear. Your job as an engineer is to....More
in Line of Sight Jul 10, 2015

5 Things You Should Know About 5G Cellular

As you may know, the forthcoming 5G cellular system is in its R&D phase, with lots of options being considered....More
in Line of Sight Jun 18, 2015

Antennas Get No Respect

The final frontier of wireless technology is antenna design, and the future of advanced networks will depend heavily on improved antenna technology....More

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