Precision-impedance-tuner developer Focus Microwaves has taken the wraps off an extremely compact multipurpose tuner model, the iMPT-Lite-1208 for fundamental and harmonic measurements from 0.8 to 12.0 GHz. Ideal for measurements on emerging wireless circuits, such as for WiMAX and Long-Term-Evolution (LTE) cellular systems, the iMPT-Lite-1208 features two broadband tuning probes. The unit is about 40 to 60 percent the size of a standard three-probe multipurpose tuner but can perform full amplitude and phase tuning at a desired fundamental and second-harmonic frequency within its bandwidth. The easy-to-place impedance tuner can generate VSWRs as high as 100.0:1 for evaluating the behavior of a wide range of high-frequency circuits.