NF: Maury Microwave has been in your family for three generations, starting as Maury Associates in 1957. Did you always know you were going to go into the family business?

GM: No, Not really. I spent two years working part-time at Maury Microwave while earning my business degree—doing various jobs from paint prep and detailing parts to expediting and manufacturing planning and a quality-control project. I had no intentions of working for Maury Microwave after graduation. I wanted to find my own way with other opportunities—preferably in aerospace.

NF: Never any thoughts of running away with the circus?

GM: Actually, I may have respectfully done just that! Upon graduation, I spent the first two-and-a-half years of my career with General Dynamics (Pomona, CA), where my grandfather, father, and uncle all worked in the mid-1950s before starting Maury. I then went to McDonnell Douglas (Long Beach, CA) for nine years. I returned to Maury full-time in 1996 and have been with the company ever since.

NF: Your grandfather originally started the firm and your father and uncle also held leadership positions, correct?

GM: Correct. My grandfather, Mario Sr., ran the business from 1957 until his passing in 1964. My uncle Mario Jr., then led MMC until his passing in 1995. My father, Marc, then ran Maury from 1995 until he stepped down as President and CEO in 2006. I took the lead in 2006. Marc remains our Chairman of the Board.

NF: How did it feel to be filling their shoes?

GM: Amazing and humbling! Because my background, skill set, and experiences were different from my father’s, I knew I would not be successful stepping into his “mold.” I had to forge a new paradigm. We worked through many challenges and growing pains, and I believe we are a stronger company today.

NF: At many companies, the goals, priorities, and culture change with every leader. Yet Maury has consistently been led by someone from the Maury family. What type of stability do you think that gives the firm in terms of its culture and goals?

GM: The two constant values we have always strived for are high standards of integrity and quality. We know that we have to continually earn and improve on those values every day.

NF: What type of work environment do you currently foster at Maury? Does it hark back to the company’s beginnings?

GM: We invest a lot of time working with our people to ensure that their life objectives and values are in alignment with the company’s objectives and values. We want our people to be happy and feel that we are all in accord. I rely on the expertise of our great people to execute in all areas of the company. I like to give our people creative freedom and space to do their jobs. I believe the foundation of our core values has remained since the company’s beginning. At the same time, as a great man once said to me, “If you are not re-inventing yourself every six months, you are not growing and thriving.” Maury has evolved from an engineering-project-driven company to a market-driven company that is growing year over year.